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Southern Armed Forces Regain Control Over Posts in Shakhab and Exhaust Attacks of the Militias in Al-Azarek

SMA News – Al-Dhala’a – Exclusive
With continuous field advances in the north and west fronts of Al-Dhala’a, the southern armed forces are recording epic victories over Al-Houthi militias.
Fights of Friday July 19th, 2019 imposed field changes with regaining control over several strategic posts in Shakhab while Al-Houthis suffered massive loses.
High-rank military sources indicated that Al-Houthi militants launched several attacks over several border post north of Kataba that were all failed. The attacks were exhausted and control was regained over several strategic posts in a qualitative victory over Iran-packed Al-Houthi militias.
Through targeting civilians, bombarding resident houses, destroying roads and bridges and robbing money of the poor, Al-Houthis are increasing their criminal record and continued their violations with bombarding Meris with missiles and rockets, according to official sources.
Special sources indicated that Al-Houthis often bombard civilians on purpose to cover their military failure in all fronts. According to sources, these are considered crimes against humanity in Al-Dhala’a while mysterious silence remains from all humanitarian and law-making international bodies.
In Al-Azarek, Al-Houthis targeted the border zone of Toursa through a random bombard that injured a 48-year woman called Nawara Saleh Ali. Military sources in Al-Azarek indicated that the joint southern forces exhausted a massive attack of the militias to control the strategic post of Al-Farasha overseeing Baher and Mawia in Taiz.
Determination of Mountains is a military operation launched by joint southern armed forces with air backup of the Arab Coalition in Yemen and logistic and military support of UAE Armed Forces in all fronts of Al-Dhala’a. several experts see this operation as the shortest way to victory in Marran, and Sanaa to put an end to the Iranian agenda in Yemen.

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