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Southern Communities in USA and Canada Demonstrate in Front of UN Headquarters in New York to Support STC, Arab Coalition and Southern Armed Forces

SMA News – New York – Exclusive
Hundreds of southern citizens in USA and Canada demonstrated on Saturday September 28th, 2019 in front of UN headquarters in New York to declare their support for STC, president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi and Southern armed forces in their pursuit to achieve the southern revolution goals and restoring the southern state. demonstrators expressed their support to STC, the Arab Coalition and Southern Armed Forces in addition to denouncing violations of Al-Houthi and Muslim Brotherhood northern militias against the southern people. The demonstration issued the following statement:
Under these extraordinary conditions in our southern homeland that suffered war imposed by northern Yemeni terrorist militias of Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Houthis, we gathered here today from USA and Canada in front of UN headquarters where leaders of the world meet to support the struggle of our southern people in the war they are fighting to defend our dignity and sovereignty over our own lands, towards restoring our full independence. Therefore, we assert the following:
• Our full support of the Southern Transitional Council and its delegated president, Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi,, to achieve the revolution goals and restore our state.
• Our full support to the southern armed forces defending our people and our national soil in all fronts.
• Our denunciation of aggressive acts of Al-Houthi militias against our people in addition to Iranian interference in the region.
• Our appreciation of the positive role of the Arab Coalition in supporting our people, our southern armed forces and our leadership on the political, military, security and humanitarian aids axes.
• Our denunciation of terrorist acts against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Iran targeting its oil facilities and international oil supplies in addition to denouncing Al-Houthi terrorist acts against Saudi Arabia.
• Our appreciation of UAE positive role in supporting our southern people. Especially in fighting terrorism. We also appreciate the sacrifices of UAE for security and stability of the region and we assert its importance to eliminate terrorism from our lands.
• Our denunciation of cheap media and political attacks targeting UAE for maiming its bright image in the eyes of the world.
• Our full solidarity with the Egyptian people and its government and our denunciation of terrorist acts initiated by terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood. We are sure that the Egyptian people and their wise government will defeat them.
• We demand the governments of USA and Canada to support our southern armed forces in fighting terrorism and extremism in the Arab Peninsula to secure international naval paths in Aden Gulf and Bab Al-Mandeb from the Iranian threats against the whole region.
• We demand the Arab Coalition, UN Security Council and UN delegate to Yemen, Mr. Martin Griffith, to involve the southern people as a key factor in political negotiations through their legitimate representative, the Southern Transitional Council.
• We demand leaders of the free world, meeting here, to denounce all terrorist acts of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, in agreement with the so-called legitimacy government and several other hostile countries in addition to denouncing the recruitment of terrorists among their military troops in Abian, Shabwa and Hadhramaut.
We pray to God for mercy to martyrs, quick healing for the injured, freedom to captives and victory for the south.

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