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Southern Feminine Bloc Sends a Protest Note to UN Envoy to Yemen

Aden – Exclusive
Southern Feminine Bloc sent a protest note to Mr. Martin Griffith, UN envoy to Yemen, about his offices disregard to agreed upon shares for representing southern women in all platforms of the office during upcoming negotiations according to talks outcomes indicating that north and south should be represented by equal shares (50% each). SMA News is publishing the note:
Respected Mr. Martin Griffith
Special Envoy of UN Secretary General to Yemen
Best Greetings
First of all, Southern Feminine Bloc wishes you success in your efforts, hoping that they may work for establishing peace, security and stability in Yemen.
In this respect, the bloc would like to express its opinion about choosing consultants for your office and we record our protest against what we noticed of ignoring the fair share of southern women in your consultative commission and participation in your meetings as part of your efforts in the political path. We demand feminine southern activists to be treated like their northern counterparts who are heavily represented in your commissions and other commissions established under your supervision, in addition to activities held by your office according to weak representation of southern women that does not fulfill the conditions of equality and justice, required and expected by UN office that is supposed to establish world peace.
We demand that southern women to be represented by 50% just like their northern sisters according to outcomes of national dialogue that granted southern representatives a share of 50%.
Fulfillment of this condition established in outcomes of national dialogue, as one of the three references, will have positive effects on other conditions mentioned in these outcomes. This will build up confidence as one of the main pillars of any upcoming solutions among conflicting parties in Yemen.
We trust your recognition, as seen in your efforts, of the political, humanitarian and national dimensions of the southern cause as a core component of any upcoming settlement in Yemen.
We hope that you understand our protest and consider it well. We also repeat our appreciation of your efforts hoping you all success.
Best regards
Aisga Taleb Abadel
Chairwoman of Southern Feminine Bloc
On behalf of the rest of members.

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