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Southern Feminist Bloc Hosts an Event in Bon

SMA News – Germany – Exclusive
On Sunday September 29th, 2019, the Southern Feminist Bloc in Germany held a cultural event in Bon as part of the annual day of cultural diversity held in Bon.
The event was attended by tens of southern citizens living in Germany and other European countries.
Folk dances were performed in addition to introducing folk foods and drinks like Adani tea and Arabian coffee. The event was warmly welcomed by the European audience.
Fatma Al-Baiti, head of Southern Feminist Bloc indicated that such events give the southern cause additional momentum as those who don’t know about the political cause will find themselves amid massive historic, civilized and intellectual legacy that shows the long history of the southern state and southern people.
The event, held in Bon as part of annual day of cultural diversity, was attended by guests and delegates from all over the world.

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