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Southern Flags Rise in Al-Makla Streets

SMA News – Al-Makla – Exclusive
Local leadership of the southern transitional council of Al-Makla launched a campaign to raise the southern flags on the exits and main streets of Al-Makla in addition to Hadhramaut Elites posts.
The campaign came in response to the visit of Yemeni Occupation Chief of Staff, Taher Al-Okaili, to the city as some accomplices try to satisfy their master and descend the flags from military posts.
In a statement of Mahdi Said Al-Mohamedi, chairman of local leadership of Al-Makla, he said: “Such acts and tries to falsify reality will do no good. The southern transitional council is with our people and will exhaust all conspiracies planned in closed rooms against our people and their struggle for freedom and independence”.
“We completely refuse such political conspiracies enacted by those who envy the southern national flag under which thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives for the victory of our southern cause”, he added.
Al-Mohamedi concluded his statement saying: “We demand all leaders, cadres and citizens of the southern people to stand against these challenges and risks facing the south, the southern cause and Hadhramaut Elites forces that secure Hadhramaut”.

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