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Southern forces fail field advance of Houthi militias in #Morais

Smanews / Al-Dhali / Mohammad Muqbel Abu Shadi
The units of the Southern Joint Forces managed, on Saturday, to thwart a field advance of the Houthi militias in the vicinity of ongoing confrontations area in Morais Front.

According to the commander of the 2nd Brigade Resistance, Colonel Mohammad Ali Mohsen, the militias used heavy arms to blast the southern forces’ sites in Weinan, Al-Khallal, and Al-Hamra, in an attempt to create new barracks there.

According to Colonel Mohsen, the southern forces thwarted the militia’s field operation and launched an artillery bombardment, during which the militias were forced to retreat to their former barracks.

For his part, the operations of the 2nd Brigade Resistance, Sabri al-Hoshbi, said that the Southern Shields unit thwart the militia attack, and targeted a number of Houthi barracks with successful qualitative strikes.

The Houthi militias are trying to make field progress on the Morais fronts, and to progress towards the city of Jabara and Al-Sadren camp, in light of the great struggling from the heroes of the joint southern forces that continue to confront the Houthis movements there.

Meanwhile, a state of calm and anticipation clouded the details of the military situation on the northern and western fronts of Al-Dhali, according to what was reported in the leadership’s briefing on the thunderbolt brigades, Colonel Waddah al-Azraqi, obtained by the media center of the Al-Dhali front.

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