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Southern Independent Group Participates in Self-Determination Seminar in UNHRC – Geneva

SMA News – Geneva – Exclusive
The Southern Independent Group started its work by participating in the self-determination seminar held by UNHRC in Geneva on July 1st, 2019. Saleh Al-Noud presented the southern paper including two major points: Hints about southern Yemen and Stages of the southern cause.
Al-Noud gave a brief history of Southern Yemen since British colonization, independence, declaring the People’s Democratic Republic of Southern Yemen, union with the north, violations leading to 1994 occupation by former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the struggle against Al-Qaeda and Al-Eslah militias, the southern peaceful movement. Second invasion in 2015 by Al-Houthi/Saleh militias and forming the southern resistance with support of the Arab Coalition. Al-Noud also referred to the legitimacy government failure in assuming its simplest responsibilities towards citizens. He also asserted that the southern are in actual control over the south, so as the northern in the north.
At the second point, Al-Noud talked about self-determination in the international law and UN convention. He asserted that southern Yemen was once an independent state recognized by all countries of the world and a member of the United Nations, Arab League, Islamic World Organization and all international organizations. Southern Yemen went into union with Arab Republic of Yemen as another independent country. As the union failed by war and military occupation in 1994, the southern have the right of disengagement according to international law. Self-determination can be used to fulfill the practical part of exercising the southern rights.
In a press release after the seminar, Dr, Nasr Obaid, member of the group, said that any solution for Yemeni crisis should include a real solution to the southern cause. He asserted the self-determination right of the southern people as a safe path for regional and international peace and security.
Southern Independent Group regularly participates in UNHRC seminars to discuss the southern cause inside the united nations.

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