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Southern NGOs Demand Questioning of Minister of Defense and Governor of Shabwa About Violations of Their Troops in Azzan

SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive
In a suspicious oppressing situation, governmental armed forces opened live fire on civilian protesters who were peacefully protesting in Azzan – Shabwa, on October 3rd, 2019 to demand protection of their lives and contain security breach in the governorate. Unfortunately, this led to killing and injuring several citizens.
Southern NGOs condemn and denounce these acts of military troops against peaceful civilians and consider them as mass killing against all national, international, ethical and humanitarian laws and values. We demand arresting those who committed them and punishing them.
Southern NGOs think that this oprresive attitude of the governmental military is a serious escalation with negative consequences that will create more tension in the south. This will explode the military situation again. Therefore, military commandership represented by the minister of defense and governor of Shabwa should assume full responsibility for these acts. We also demand the Arab Coalition to protect the southern people and contain this crime before being escalated. We also demand immediate transfer of northern military camps to battlefields against Al-Houthi militias.
We remind these military governmental troops that their battel is against Al-Houthis who occupied their cities and villages, not with the south.
Issued by:

  1. Southern Consultative Center for rights and freedoms
  2. “Hak” center for Rights and Freedoms Advocacy
  3. SAMA Organization for Development and Guidance
  4. SMA News
  5. Southern feminist Bloc in Germany
  6. National Organization for Transparency and Fiscal and Administrative Reform
  7. Hadhramaut Youth Gathering in Aden
  8. Al-Ertika Developmental Foundation
  9. Aden Youth Foundation
  10. Tomouh Foundation for humanitarian Development
  11. Edrak Developmental Foundation
  12. Broad Cons Developmental Foundation
  13. Lamsa Humanitarian Foundation
  14. Sewing and Developmental Services Association
  15. Ahrar Organization for Human Rights and Development
  16. Al-Fanar Developmental Foundation
  17. Aden Foundation for Environment and Development AFED
  18. Future South Foundation
  19. Aden Youth Foundation for Reconstructing Aden
  20. Al-Horia Foundation for Human Rights and Development
  21. Bahr Foundation for Development and Child’\s Rights
  22. Amal Foundation for Orphans and Widows Care and Humanitarian Works
  23. MADAR Center for Strategic Studies

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