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Southern Politicians and Activists Launch a Hashtag Against Legitimacy Corruption that Leads the Gulf and Arab Trend

SMA News – Report – Hesham Soaileh – Exclusive
Fast deterioration of national currency in exchange of foreign ones led to an unprecedent wave of anger among social communities in the liberated southern territories.
Southern citizens accused the corrupt government of Ben Daghar with helplessness against the deterioration of Yemeni Riyal without taking any measures to keep it from collapse.
Tweeters launched a hashtag on tweeter against corruption of the legitimacy government that led the Arab and Gulf trends. The hashtag “#Aden_Uprises_Against_Legitimacy_Corruption” came after the public uprising in southern governorates against the hunger policy exercised by the legitimacy in southern liberated territories.
SMA News observed the tweets of angry southern politicians and activists who asserted the people’s ability to overthrow the government.
Yahia Ghaleb (lawyer): “Aden is on hot plate… Aden is fed up… Aden is drowning in a corruption catastrophe… Aden has a date with angry protests… hunger, poverty and high prices, the triad of death… are killing people. So, they are outrageously uprising”.
Mohamed Al-Ghaithi: “Hady’s stubbornness will lead things to what exceeds dismissing the government. They haven’t realized the power of the southern people yet”.
Ahmed Omar Ben Farid (southern politician): “Stubbornness prevents Hady from dismissing this government for months now as it proved to be unbale to do anything except for theft, robbery and corruption. Today, they are running away from Aden leaving the people to poverty, sickness and chaos. This proves that this government should not only be dismissed but also punished”. He added that revolution against corruption will be every where in the south.
Adel Al-Yafeai (media man): “Peaceful public revolution of Aden broke against corruption of legitimacy that destroyed everything. Nothing will stop Aden from taking its rights. It is the only Arab city that broke the Iranian tide and sacrificed her sons and in return Aden is being insulted for three years now”.
Hany Mashour (media man): “Media responsibility necessitates that Arab media tools should cover protests in Aden as in Iraq. Corruption in Iraq is the same in Yemen”.
Hany Al-Kazemi (addressing Hady): “You will lose everything as those who are around you are not men”.
Ebd Al-Zeeb Al-Khulaifi (southern activist): “Hady will not dismiss Ben Daghar’s government unless he feels danger approaching him and his presidential chair. Let the southern people demand overthrowing the legitimacy with all its arrogance. Let a caretaker government be formed to coordinated with the coalition and the world and enforce public and military existence on southern territories. Only then, the world will come to the south”.
Tweeters think that the Arab Coalition should stop supporting the corruption of the legitimacy government as the coalition should supports calls for dismissing this government and replacing it with a technocratic government.

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