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Southern Special Forces Liberate Strategic Posts in Al-Malaheed – Saada

SMA News – Saada – Exclusive
Joint battalions of the Southern Special Forces Brigade and a Saudi brigade, controlled several strategic posts in Al-Malaheed – Saada, during a qualitative operation under commandership of brigadier Adel Ali Hady, commander of Special Force Brigade for Anti-terrorism.
Joint troops advanced under cover of artillery that destroyed hiding posts of Al-Houthis and imposed full control over Al-Nasser Strategic hills overseeing Al-Malaheed and other strategic posts surrounding this mountain area.
A military source indicated that fights led to the killing of a massive number of Al-Houthi militants, a number of them were snipers, in addition to a large number of injuries. Al-Houthis also suffered massive losses in equipment including light and heavy weapons. Six heroes of the Special forces martyred while ten others sustained minor injuries.
Liberation of these posts means imposing fire control over the international road linking Harad with Al-Malaheed and blocking reinforcement line for Maran and other posts under control of Al-Houthis.

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