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Southern Transitional Council Denounces Targeting Southern Figures and Confirms Failure of All Tries to Falsify the Southern Will

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
The southern transitional council expressed full denouncement of targeting southern figures and brave resistance by some suspicious parties that try to use the legitimacy in failure try to show control over the south.
In its statement issued on Sunday Aigust 19th, 2018, the council asserted that creating any tension in Aden and the whole south will never serve peace efforts nor security and stability, exerted by brothers and friends and at the same time will lead the situation to return to chaos and violence that dark forces and enemies of the south are trying to impose. The following is the statement of the council:
Leadership of the southern transitional council observed with major concern the events of Saturday August 18th, 2018 in Salah El-Din – Al-Berika in Aden during the graduation ceremony of military academy and came after of reactions. The council would like to clarify the following:
In principle, we resent and denounce all types of violence and use of force to sustain political gains at the expense of the will and legitimate rights of our southern people.
We express deep sorrow for illegal bloodshed committed by suspicious parties that don’t want good for the southern people and work against their stability and security. We hope for mercy to those who dies and quick healing for those who were injured.
We assert that the so-called peaceful union agreed upon by northern and southern peoples ended up with the first invasion of the south in 1994.
The southern people were very patient from 1994 to 2015 and tried all peaceful means to disengagement in spit of all acts of oppression and racial discrimination practiced by northern military and tribal powers.
The southern people called for brothers and friends to find a peaceful solution the liberate the south from this occupation, oppression and humiliation. But all these efforts failed due to authority’s arrogance and encouragement of corrupt religious organization that the authority follows all its false opinions justifying such acts.
After the second invasion of the south in 2015 by the same powers, the southern people summoned all his powers, will and anger and, thanks to God and support of brothers of the Arab Coalition, managed to defeat the military/tribal machine of the north and expel them outside the south. Unfortunately, some of their military units remained in control of oil and gas fields under the cover of securing them while they are waiting for war conditions to change so that they can take over the south and robe its fortunes.
Influential military and party powers of the north realized that after 2015 Sanaa, for them, was too far to reach. So, they worked hard to find an alternative capital they can run the war from as war for them is a precious gain they can never sacrifice.
These powers tried to use the legitimacy to occupy Aden for the third time in row by all means. Evidences of such thing are clear for all friends and brothers.
This last systematic try that happened on August 18th, 2018 in the military academy in Salah El-Din is another try to send a message to UN envoy Martin Griffith, just before Geneva talks, that they are controlling the south. They are trying to say that they represent the south and its will while they have never been, and never will be, God wills.
All responsible tries to talk with those who are responsible for this unjustified show of power and to urge them not to continue provoking the southern people or humiliating their sacrifices, failed and those arrogant persons insisted on their stubbornness.
Although all calls of the southern transitional council, expressed by its president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, to all parties including his excellency president Hady and directly and publicly reached for him, influential powers benefiting from continuous tension and instability in Aden and the south eagerly prepared the conspiracy of Salah El-Din intentionally to serve their purposes that became clear to all those who observe the situation in Aden and the South.
Reactions of all sectors of citizens of Aden and the south against such tries and preventing the hidden false messages they are trying to send on behalf of the the southern people indicated that a third party is arranging to override the south away from its goals and to use such event for clearance with figures and leaders of the southern resistance that gallantly defended the south against such plans. Accusing two of those prominent leaders, one of them is already abroad for treatment, is a clear evidence of evil intention.
The southern transitional council asserts that creating stress and tension in Aden and the south will never serve peace efforts nor security and stability, exerted by brothers and friends. At the same time, we vow for the southern people and our gallant resistance that we will stand with them against any try to humiliate or avenge our people. The council is declaring his intention to attend any talks, consultations and negotiations to solve the southern cause peacefully according to the expectations and demands of the southern people to restore our secure and stable state according to borders of May 21st, 1990, while dark forces and enemies of the south try to drag the south to chaos and violence. This is what we will never allow.
Glory to Martyrs, Quick Healing for Injured, Freedom to Captives and Dignity to the Free Southern People
Issued by the Extraordinary Round of the Southern National Assembly
Aden – August 19th, 2018

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