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Southern Transitional Council Holds its Annual Meeting to Discuss Performance Report of 2018

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive

President Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi headed the annual meeting of the Southern Transitional Council held on Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 under the slogan of “Towards Improving the Council’s Performance and Fostering its Organizational Structure and National Existence”. Members of the council’s presidency, local leaderships, departments of the general secretariat and the southern national assembly attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the annual report of 2018 that included reports about the performance of the council’s presidency, national assembly, Center for Decision Making Support and general secretariat.
The meeting appreciated the report as it depended on data filed by all the council’s organizational bodies about their work in 2018 indicating that this information provides decision makers with a clear image about goals, plans and achievements and this will help drawing policies and making decisions to achieve the council’s goals internally and externally.
President Al-Zubaidi asserted the importance of that first meeting to evaluate achievements and discuss new plans and programs for 2019 indicating that this year will be the empowerment year. He added that the council imposed the southern cause on all international levels making the cause very present in any upcoming decisions concerning the Yemeni crisis.
The president also discussed outcomes of foreign meetings indicating the UN envoy is now fully informed that no solution for the Yemeni crisis without solving the southern cause. He also said: “We will continue our struggle side by side with all powers that believe in restoring the state. we will remain on the ground no matter the costs are. We will never abandon the martyrs’ bloods”. He also announced that the upcoming project is directed to train and qualify southern Youth.
The president appreciated the effort of the council’s offices abroad in strengthening ties with UN envoy office and other international organizations. He also asserted the importance of evaluating last year’s work to foster positive aspects and avoid negative ones saying “The southern people trusts the council greatly and the council will always be trustworthy, God willing”.
Ahmed Lamlas, secretary general of the council, indicated that all members will participate in the evaluation process for the past year and discussing this year’s plan. He said: “Evaluation aims to move in steady and correct steps towards building the upcoming southern state on correct legal and administrative bases”. He hoped that the meeting will conclude positive suggestions to improve performance during next year.
The meeting discussed remarks of members and difficulties recorded during initiating last year’s plans. Attendants delivered several suggestions to be included in the meeting’s outcomes.

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