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Southern Transitional Council Issues an Important Statement to the Southern People

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
On Monday, September 3rd, 2018, the Southern Transitional Council issued and important statement to the southern people inside and outside the south. The following is the statement:
In the Name of God, the Most Merciful and Most Gracious
A Statement to the Southern People, Inside and Outside the South
The Glorious Southern People
Today, we are facing major political, economic and security challenges manifested in escalating events in the south especially with the suffocating economic crisis in our capital, Aden and the rest of southern liberated governorates. This requires a unified southern attitude. Concerning the southern cause files and outcomes of our meetings with Mr. Martin Griffith, UN Envoy, we would like to notify you with the following:
The southern transitional council is exerting major peaceful efforts to explain the nature and position of the southern cause to all regional and international parties involved. We also explained to them the expectations and goals of the southern people represented in a fair solution chosen and decided upon only by the southern people. So far, we achieved major progress. After several talks, we met Mr. Griffith for the second time in Jordan and meeting showed that he succeeded in putting the southern cause among the priorities of peace process as a result of facts of current reality. His office indicated that the southern people should be a main party from the beginning of negotiations. But UN Envoy was astonished with the attitude or president Hady who expressed his total rejection of any kind of existence of the southern cause in Geneva negotiations. Explicitly, Hady asserted that the legitimacy will withdraw from negotiations if the southern cause and southern transitional council are in it. In addition, Al-Houthis demanded the same condition to attend Geneva talks. Therefore, we would like to assert the following:
We never caused this war. Instead, we were forced to it. We became a major party in it to the extent that it can never be stopped without us. UN Envoy went too far away from the plausible path of solution in response to pressures of Al-Houthis and the Legitimacy. Therefore, we assume Mr. Griffith responsible for the consequences of the upcoming stage.
We are not committed with the outcomes and agreements resulting from any consultations or negotiations that we are not represented in as such outcomes and agreements will be representing parties that don’t exist on the ground and it will never be applied in reality.
We demand our southern people to express their denunciation and boycott of any consultations or negotiations that ignore their expectations, overcome their will and marginalize their history. We demand them to come out all over the south to express this through peaceful methods. Each local leadership in all southern governorates will determine the time and place for these demonstrations.
We assert that any try to overcome the actual reality in the south or to twist its cause and sacrifices will fail.
We call for all southern leaders inside the south and abroad to determine their attitude clearly in front of the people about current events.
We confirm the Arab Coalition that as we were committed to cooperating with them in defeating all Iranian arms in the region, we will fight for our national cause and our southern people and its political future by all means. We will stand against manipulation of the legitimacy and threats of Al-Houthis.
Glorious Southern People
This intentional devastating crisis in the south is the result of failure of this corrupt government that aims only to oppress the southern people and push them to abandon their rightful and legitimate expectations, as corruption is only exercised in the south and is only fought against in the south.
Therefore, we would like to assert the following:
• The southern people have the right to express resentment and anger peacefully. We confirm our support and involvement with our people. We adopt the demands of our people as our responsibility. We demand our people to stick to peaceful methods and we will defend our people. We will never allow any harm against peaceful protesters by all means and we demand our people to preserve their national facilities.
• The southern transitional council asserts the continuity of peaceful public demonstrations and all options are open. Therefore, we call our southern people to be ready and alert.
Our warm greetings to all citizens of our southern people who suffered a lot and sacrificed a lot.
We hope for mercy to our martyrs, quick healing to our injured, freedom to our captives and glory to our southern people.
Southern Transitional Council
The Capital of Aden
September 3rd, 2018.

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