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Southern Transitional Council of Hadhramaut Holds it Third Regular Meeting and Issues a Statement

SMA News – Hadhramaut – Exclusive

Under auspices of general Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council, Dr. Mohamed Jaffar Ben Al-Sheikh Abu Bakr, chairman of the local leadership of Hadhramaut, headed the third regular meeting of the local leadership with attendance of Aquil Al-Attas and Ahmed Ba Mualem, members of the council’s presidency. The meeting was held in the hyper mall hall in Al-Makla.
Al-Attas delivered a speech on the occasion and then Dr. Mohamed Jaffar delivered a speech congratulating everyone with the new year and demanding them to be alert to conspiracies of the enemy under these critical conditions.
The meeting discusses all files and reports on its agenda concerning the work of local leadership and discussed all problems faced during 2018. The meeting ended by a final statement recited by Ali Hamdoun, head of Martyrs and Injured Department. The following is a translation of the statement.
In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Gracious
“And Say Work. And God, His Messengers and All Believers Will See Your Work”
God is Great
The third regular meeting of the local leadership of Hadhramaut was held on Saturday December 29th, 2018, headed by Dr. Mohamed Jaffar Ben Al-Sheikh Abu Bakr, chairman of the local leadership of Hadhramaut. The meeting came according to rules and regulations indicating the regular meeting to be held every three months. The meeting discussed reports about the work and activities of the executive commission during the past period. After discussion, attendants agreed upon the following:

  1. We assert to our people that independence and restoring the southern state requires all of us to unify and line up according to the calls of our political leadership represented by president Aidarous Al-Zubaidi.
  2. We are totally convinced that achieving these goals and objectives require success of the southern-southern dialogue called for by the political leadership as a guarantee of stabilizing patriotic political work. Therefore, we demand all southern components, parties, organizations, public figures and individuals who believe in freedom and independence to interact with this call positively.
  3. We assert the unity of our southern people inside and outside the south and our full support to the southern transitional council as a delegate by this people to lead our struggle till we achieve all our goals.
  4. Attendants agreed that restoring the southern state and reconstructing it on the bases of citizenship and equity is the responsibility of the southern people and all their powers that refuse the Yemeni occupation.
  5. Attendants appreciate the efforts of members of the council’s presidency in explaining the southern cause to gain Arab, regional and international support.
  6. Attendants assert their absolute support to the statement of the southern transitional council concerning Sweden Consultations issued on December 7th, 2018.
  7. Attendants also condemn the terrorist attack of Al-Shuhur on December 21st, 2018 that killed three and injured 33 hoping quick healing for the injured.
  8. We assert the importance of deploying Hadhramaut Elites Troops all over Hadhramauti soil including Hadhramaut Valley that is witnessing security disorder and daily bloodshed.
  9. We demand local authorities to initiate the security plan to deploy Hadhramaut Elites Troops in Hadhramaut Valley.
  10. Preparation commissions for southern unions should be assembled to gain their rights.
  11. We gratefully thank the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE for their role in supporting the south in all fields.
  12. We assert our steady support for all regional and international efforts to end the war and restore peace without overcoming the southern right in restoring our independent federal southern state.
  13. Attendants recommend joint coordination with organizations, unions and syndicates in the governorate to initiate their activities supporting the southern cause
  14. Attendants approved the establishment of an inclusive media center and an FM radio station for the council in the governorate according to an inclusive study and discuss it with the council’s presidency in Aden.
  15. Attendants verified and approved all files discussed during the meeting and recommended to initiate suggestions of developing the council’s work in the upcoming period.
    Glory to Martyrs, Quick Healing to the Injured, Freedom to Captives and Dignity to Our People
    Issued by the third regular meeting of the local leadership of Hadhramaut
    December 29th, 2018.

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