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Southern_Tolerance_Reconciliation … A New Active Hashtag on Social Media

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Social media activists launched a new hashtag on tweeter today. According to activists, the hashtag (#Southern_Tolerance_Reconciliation) represents a supreme humanitarian and ethical value that is necessary for preserving the gains of our southern people’s struggle and supporting national lineup.
They also appreciated the invitation of the Southern Transitional Council to all southern figures and powers to actively participate in celebrating the 13th memory of Southern Tolerance Reconciliation to be held on Saturday January 12th, 2019 under the slogan of “Southern Tolerance Reconciliation on the Road to National Accord”.
They considered this celebration as a clear expression of their deep belief in the significance of the Southern Tolerance Reconciliation principle as a humanitarian value and a national necessity to preserve the gains of the southern people along our long pursuit of restoring our free southern sovereign state.

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