Al-Essy fines a southern club for raising its fans the flag of the South


The Yemeni Football Association fined the Wahda Aden Sports Club, for what he called violating the rules of fair play.
On Sunday , the head of the Yemeni Football Federation, Ahmed Al- Essy, issued a decision to fine Wahda Aden Sports Club, the amount of half a million Yemeni riyals, due to the raising the flag of the South by southern fans in a match with Ahli Sana’a in the city of Sayoun.
The decision warned the club’s fans not to attend the matches in case of repetition
In the same context, the head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Southern Transitional Council, “Moamen Al-Sakkaf”, warned in a statement of Al-Essy’s threats and of those linked to the Yemeni parties in the Football Federation against Southern clubs and sparing sports of politics effects.

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