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Statement of the Inclusive Consultative Meeting of Shabwa

SMA News – Shabwa – Exclusive
In Al-Aram – Habban – Shabwa, an inclusive consultative meeting was held attended by massive crowds of Shabwa citizens from all directorates representing all sectors of the society. The meeting discussed recent events in Shabwa and the difficult conditions under which Shabwa lives due to the invasion of Al-Eslah militias that include mainly terrorist elements and tribal troops loyal to Al-Eslah under cover of the legitimacy and the so-called national army. This barbaric invasion came along with brutal violations including out-of-law killing, assassinations, robberies, torture, kidnapping, forced arrests and violations of public and private properties. Sons of Shabwa had to meet and discuss the situation and stand firmly against such vicious acts and to avenge the aggressors. Therefore, the meeting states the following:
We denounce this barbaric invasion of Shabwa and other southern governorates by Al-Eslah militias including terrorist and tribal northern element with all that came forth of anti-humanity crimes.
We demand all invasion troops to retreat from all southern territories where they are deployed under no terms or conditions.
The meeting declares all territories where Al-Eslah militias are deployed as occupied territories and demand al Shabwa citizens and the southern resistance to lineup for liberating our lands and exhausting the attacks of the enemy and fighting all projects of terrorism.
We warn all citizens of Shabwa and the whole south from the risks of enlisting in Muslim Brotherhood militias or collaborating with them as those who will do so will be considered enemy too.
The meeting assumes local authority of Shabwa, represented in the governor and members of security and military units, responsible for recent events and its consequences that threaten security and stability of the governorate.
The meeting decided to form a lawmaking committee of judges and lawyers to open the files of local authority corruption including the governor and security committee of the governorate for their breach of their responsibilities in keeping law and order in the governorate and jeopardizing social security in addition to collaborating with the invasion militias to destroy Shabwa Elites and robe its camps and equipment in addition to destroy the security system of the governorate as a whole and disregarding violations of the invaders.
On behalf of the meeting and the whole Shabwa community, we appreciate the role of the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE for their sincere efforts in Shabwa and the whole south in all military, security and developmental fields in addition to defeating Al-Houthi-Iranian project.
We demand the Arab Coalition to save Shabwa and protect it from any tries of breach by Al-Houthis, Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorists. We assert that the acts of the legitimacy serve the Iranian agenda and terrorist projects and if they win they will disturb the whole region.
We demand the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE to assume their political, ethical and humanitarian responsibilities towards Shabwa and the Whole South and to solve the southern cause according to the expectations of southern people and their sacrifices as we need no more wars.

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