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Statement of the Southern Public Uprising in Aden

SMA News – Aden
For five years, war continues by northern powers against our people, targeting our southern identity and our existence. Although the conflicting parties in Sanaa, including occupation forces, domination politicians, terrorists and extremists, claim that they are fighting each other, they are all sharing the same goal of targeting the south and its people since occupation in September 1994.
Our southern people and its political and military leaderships proved their good will through supporting the efforts of our brothers in the Arab Coalition to fight for the Arabic agenda, end Al-Houthi coup and restore the legitimate authority of the Yemeni government in Sanaa. For all that, we sacrificed thousands of martyrs. But ground facts indicate that this government is only fighting the south, its people and its figures in a vicious unhuman war.
In that war, the south sacrificed noble martyrs, the last of them was brigadier Muneer Mahmoud Al-Yafaie (Abu Yamama) and his companions, who martyred in two mean terrorist attacks by Al-Houthis, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood government. They all collaborated in this crime that shook the whole south.
This war exposed conspiracies of the Yemeni government against the south that hosted it generously in Aden. The government works effortlessly on destroying our homelands, denying us our rights and starving our people.
If this government is to remain, this means that all terrorist groups and militias will be supported by this government to spread chaos and jeopardize the victories we achieved by the hands of our brave resistance. This government works only on paving the way to reoccupy the south through its agents and terrorists who come to the south under different descriptions just to enable occupation to return. Therefore, our people, in this critical moment of our history, will take decisions that preserve our history, national identity and dignity. The crowds demand the following:
This government should leave Aden and the whole south immediately
President Hady and the Arab Coalition are required to transfer full authority peacefully to the southern people and enable them, through the Southern Transitional Council, their delegated representative, to exercises administration of our lands and fortunes without delay as we will not accept anything but our demands.
Evacuating all northern military unites stationed in the south and sending them to battel fronts against Al-Houthis in the north.
Activating the agreement of the tripartite committee (president Hady and the Arab Coalition) indicating that all military camps should get out of Aden and sent to battel fronts, except for Backup and Support troops that will remain to keep law and order as agreed.
All southern officials, political figures, military personnel, civilian administrators and diplomats who work for the government are demanded to be at the side of their people and to achieve the people’s demands as this critical moment needs all efforts.
The southern people have sovereignty over his entire national soil as the people is the source of all powers. We assert our rightful demands of independence and restoring our federal state according to the international borders of pre- May 21st, 1990.
The crowds assert their commitment with Aden Historical Declaration and full support of the Southern Transitional Council as a political representative of the southern cause.
The crowds also assert their full support of the Arab Coalition according to what maintains security and stability of the south, the region and the whole world.
The crowds denounce all forms of terrorism and assert that it is the enemy of human life as terrorism has no religion nor nationality. Therefore, fighting terrorism is a national, ethical and religious duty. We also criminalize all forms of extreme thinking and we disown from all those who support or exercise terrorism.
The crowds assert that murder, mass genocide, terrorism, assassination and all other crimes against humanity exercised by northern powers against our people since 1990 are not prescription. We will escalate till our demands are achieved and we warn against any absurd tries to provoke us as we will face it firmly.
Issued by
Crowds of the Southern Public Uprising to Avenge Martyrs’ Bloods
Aden – Tuesday August 6th, 2019

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