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Suspicious Moves of Al-Eslah on Some Southern Borders Fronts to Serve Al-Houthis

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive

Suspicious moves of members of Al-Eslah party, the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, revealed their plans to serve Al-Houthi militias in targeting southern borders fronts. Intel info indicated that Al-Eslah moves became very clear with direct orders from military commandership in Mareb to implant some trouble-making elements inside these fronts.
Intel info also indicated that Al-Eslah is trying to serve Al-Houthis through implanting such elements in Al-Musaimeer and Karsh. This proves that Al-Eslah is in full ally with Al-Houthis as such moves are done according to a joint plan to disturb borderline fronts and provide Al-Houthis with a chance to advance into the south. Intel info also warned against letting Al-Eslah member to approach such southern borders or even interfere in them.
Sources of the Southern Resistance in all border fronts called for all troops stationed in these fronts not to let Al-Eslah member to stay in these stations. In addition, sources also warned Al-Eslah members from any suspicious moves that will be met with max force staying that traitors will be crushed in case they try to serve Al-Houthis through making troubles or sending troops and then withdrawing them as this happened when troops of presidential guards advanced to Kataba then withdrew leaving their posts for Al-Houthis.

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