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The French Ambassador and the Southern Flag!!

Written by: Al-Khadr Al-Muiasery – Southern Writer

Christian Tisto, the French ambassador to Yemen, visited Aden among the Eu delegate. He met representatives of president Hady in Maasheek and leaders of the Southern Transitional Council in a hotel in Aden. He testified before history saying: “I saw the southern flag all over Aden but I didn’t see any other flag!!”. He added: “Aden is a beautiful city that deserves attention”. He was right in his testimony. What is more important that the ambassador of our friend France referred to the southern cause saying: “All conflicting parties, the government, the southern transitional council and other figures, should talk together”.
Therefore, it is time to start an inclusive southern dialogue among all powers to design a road map based on tolerance and reconciliation as the main principle to resolve the internal situation. I suggest the formation of a supreme commission for compensation and justice to compensate all individuals and groups who suffered damages since October 14th, 1963 till now in the south. Externally, it is time to start negotiations about abolishing the union treaty between the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen and Arab Republic of Yemen signed on may 22nd, 1990.
The whole world knows well that getting rid of this failure union is the only option to establish peace and coexistence between the two countries and the rest of the region. It is the only way out to end the war and maintain what is left of achievements and development projects established during the past 50 years.

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