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The Legitimate Representative of Southern People

Dr. Khaled Al-Qasemi

political writer
External powers and Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen tried to invent names to represent the southern people that have no real existence. They tried to create false bodies like the so-called movement, coordinative bodies, public councils and others that their only mission is to push Hadhramaut and Al-Mehra away from the south. This is to exhaust the unified umbrella under which the southern people from Bab Al-Mandeb to Al-Mehra are standing.
The southern transitional council is publicly delegated by all sectors of the southern people to represent the southern cause. It is the cause of southern people that should by introduced to the whole world during this public uprising of the south in demand of the people’s right to live free with dignity. It is not a revolution of the hungry. Instead it is the revolution to restore the breeze of freedom in a kidnapped country. The council should represent the southern people’s momentum in pursuit of regaining existence and dignity.

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