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The Minister of Interior attacks Prime Minister of Yemen with insulting words

SMA News – Exclusive


The Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Ahmed Al-Maysari, attacked the head of the Yemeni government, Dr. Moeen Abdulmalik, with insulting words, in response to a question about accusing him of corruption by the prime minister!

Al- Maysari said in an interview with the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera: “the ones, like us, who raise the flag of sovereignty, and stress on the necessity of attending the national decision for what is going on in the country, gets what he gets from these accusations!”. Al- Maysari added, expressing that his quarreling is with Saudi Arabia and not specifically with Moeen Abdulmalik by saying: On the whole, we are struggling against the owners of the projects and not the tools that they use of the Yemenis, as they come to the (men’s rubbish) and take the rubbish of the Yemenis!

Al- Maysari continued to use insulting words against prime minister, saying: We count on thirty million,  and for some hundreds of baggage dealers who go to the capitals for demand and begging, we have no interest in them!

In deepening the insult to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Prime Minister, Al- Maysari used the intention of Al-Bardouni’s poetry, and modified it, describing the prime minister’s relationship with Saudi and describing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He said: Our current situation reminds me of a passage from a poem by Abdullah Al-Bardouni said in the end of the seventies.

Minister Al- Maysari’s attack on Prime Minister Moeen Abdulmalik, who is supported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, comes after the Prime Minister revealed corruption (one billion and eight hundred million riyals) in the Ministry of Interior in a meeting with the Prime Minister with Saudi Arabia, but Al- Maysari’s response exceeded even public fitness.


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