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The More You Demand Union, The More We Demand Independence

Written by:

Colonel Abu Anas Ba Hattab – Southern Writer
Who really benefited from this doomed union signed on May 22nd, 1990 between the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen and Arab Republic of Yemen? Who are the true Union seekers?
Before 1990, the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen was a modern civilized sovereign state with organizations and laws. We were a state of justice and equity. We were well-educated and civilized people who knew nothing about tribalism and regionalism. We were all under law and order. Our life was simple active and energetic. We knew nothing about black-outs and buying electric and solar generators!
We knew nothing about bribery, drugs, gangsters, kidnapping women and children and other plagues seen now in the southern streets. We knew nothing about killing, but with God’s rights or law verdicts.
Essential goods and foods were supported by the state. education and health care were free. We had external scholarships at the expense of the government. After high school, we used to serve at the army as an obligation to improve your mental, intellectual, physical and political aspects and to know necessary military knowledge. If you failed to sustain an external scholarship, you were free to choose the right civilian or military college or even to apply for you your vacant job. Above all, we enjoyed peace, security and stability.
We were the true union-seekers under the notions of struggle for Yemeni Revolution and initiating the five-year plan according to which we established the state of modern organizations, law and order. We ended this notion with Yemeni Union. We knew nothing about racial discrimination between southern and northern. All northern persons in the south had the same rights and duties as southern. They held superior military and political offices in the south. While the southern held a card of “southern resident” in the north. Their colored skin was mocked in the north.
With our good intentions, we achieved this doomed union and surrendered everything. From the very beginning, your regimen’s vicious intentions were clear. You intended to destroy the south. We hoped that you will see what is good in the south and apply it in the north and vise versa. But what happened was the contrary. You forced us to early retirement. Our real estates were taken and given to you those who are close to the regimen. And when we peacefully revolted against oppression and demanded our rights and called for correcting the union’s path, we were answered by oppressive force, killings and assassination.
Therefore, we don’t benefit from your union. We have the right to remember our beautiful past in our state. your union is our nightmare. For you, the south is a source of living, a shelter from your miserable reality in the north. For your regimen, the south is the source of fortune that should be robbed.
The union is not a idol to worship, a flag to rise nor an anthem to sing. We are completely different in culture, customs, habits and even in doctrine.
We have the right to restore our state through self-determination and according to our reality and culture. Let’s be two neighboring states with mutual interests and social links according to law and order. Let’s avoid fight as the south today is no longer an easy prey. Half solutions are no longer acceptable. Stop yelling on this doomed union and start congratulating the newly born southern state.

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