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The South… A Freedom-Loving People

Written by:
Abd Al-Kareem Said – Southern Political Writer

In the south of Yemen, the people love peace and freedom, who cry since 1994 invasion when tribal, religious and military forces of the north invaded the south and turned it into a killing ground. The southern were strangers in their lands. For years, they were exiled without even being heard. The Arab and International consciousness didn’t move as international interests overcame humanitarian principles and the right of people to live in peace and dignity.
The southern organized more than twenty marches calling peacefully and in a civilized manner for restoring their southern state as the union proved failure. The northern part didn’t commit with the terms of the agreement signed by the former states (Arab Republic of Yemen and People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen) turning the voluntary union into an occupation by force. The regional and international societies ignored the southern calls making more mental and economic damages to the southern people who suffered misery, ignorance, diseases and poverty.
During the long history of struggle, the southern people made major sacrifices with thousands of martyrs and injured for freedom and dignity and to restore their southern state with a new federal democratic regimen where justice and equity prevail all over the south. The former southern state was assassinated according to a vicious plan prepared purposefully by tribal, religious and military gangs of the north who envy the south and only care for their own interests. They only wanted power and fortune. They fought southern intellects leaving the people to ignorance. They bribed those who can sell themselves with cheap prices. Saleh’s regimen always forced the southern to bitter choices: either to be loyal to the the leader and enter the school of corruption in the Public Conference Party, or to be a terrorist of Al-Eslah Party. Either to be marginalized or to be overcome losing all your rights and sitting at home without a job. Either to accept exile or to die slowly inside your country. And when you choose opposition, you choose quick death. This was the policy of Sanaa’s regimen and this is what the southern refused while other parts of Yemen accepted it turning themselves into underdeveloped territories.
Those who still sing for the union should stop their lies. We all tasted its bitterness and paid its heavy price. In 2015, we managed, by God’s will and logistic support of our brothers in the Arab Coalition, to expel Sanaa’s troops out of our territories. Today, we have military and security forces in addition to a political leadership delegated by the people in May 4th, 2017. The southern transitional council managed wisely to get the south out of this closed circle that the invaders imposed viciously to continue ruling the south as they thought.
Today, we are near to our expected dawn that we sacrificed for. Our people love freedom and dignity and to live according to law, order, human values, civilized principles and moderate religious beliefs. We want our south free of extremism, terrorism, racism, hatred and chaos. We want to coexist with all humans and religions. This is evident in the peaceful city of Aden.
Aden is the eternal capital of the south with its long history of openness, tolerance and beauty. Its lovely shores on the Arab Sea and Gulf of Aden, who are among the most important strategic naval paths made it vulnerable to occupation along history. Today, the world is waiting for Aden to lead the south to the future.
God Bless Aden and Saves it From Envy and Greed

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