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The South Faces Terrorism

Written by: Nazmi Mohsen Nasser – Southern Writer
Disturbing security and stability are one of the old methods used by terrorist groups and their supporters. Those who support such acts foster terrorism.
Southern armed forces and security systems fight terrorist groups in Aden, Abian, Shabwa and other southern territories. They fight terrorism on their own without support of international partners. We hope that the international society and the Arab Coalition to participate in fighting terrorism actively as this phenomenon will drive the whole region to chaos and jeopardize social security of the Arab region and the whole world. Fighting terrorism is a common responsibility shared by al international parties.
The south is facing terrorism bravely and southern armed forces and security systems fight these terrorist groups that work under cover of Yemeni legitimacy to disturb the security and stability of the region.
The southern people is determined to eliminate this vicious project and will stand side by side with heroes of the southern armed forces and southern resistance to secure the south against terrorism.

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