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The South is Bigger Than Losers’ Bits

Written by: Masoud Ahmed – Southern Writer
There is a great difference between considering your homeland and national identity as an interest and considering them as an undeniable right that can never be forsaken and part of your consciousness. It is like the difference between dust and stars.
Those who don’t consider the south as a homeland can easily abandon the southern independence project with the first glimpse of losing an interest.
If the bit of the southern movement and southern people were on those who are not sincere to their identity, the southern cause would have been gone many years ago when Sanaa was in its full power and when the southern people were without supporters.
Mercy and peace be upon every martyr who fell since Al-Makla event in 1995 till today. Peace be upon every injured and everyone who is suffering for his homeland in the south without seeking self-interest.
Every year a part of our dream becomes true on the ground. Difficulties will never turn into obstacles as right is more powerful and will achieve victory at the end.
Happy new year for the south and all his honest people.

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