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The South … Signs of Empowerment and Reconstruction

Written by:
Anis Al-Sharafi – Southern Writer

During the holy month of Ramadan, the Southern Transitional Council initiated several activities that crystalized the most important aspects of organizational construction and the empowerment strategy declared earlier their year.
These activities were the most significant since the establishment of the council as it personified the council’s determination to face all risks targeting the south and its people, according to current events including threats of northern powers (under cover of Al-Houthis) on our borders and even the tries of influential powers in the legitimacy to return power back to Al-Zaidi house. Of course, these tries are represented in Al-Motamar and Al-Eslah parties in addition to other southern figures related to the north.
Therefore, the council should come to the front of the southern scene and to use all possible means to strengthen the internal front and southern lineup to reach a southern consensus in the face of these risks. This was clear in the activities and political and social meetings with all active power of the south.
This clearly indicates that since it establishment, the council is trying to establish a new social contract based on national partnership among all powers through containing all political, social and geographic variances of the south and overcoming all past, and even present, mistakes, to reach for better future and establish the state on solid bases that guarantee the strength of the internal front in the face of all risks and threats.
The most prominent activities can be summarized as follows:
• Social dialogue meetings: President Aidrous Al-Zubaidi of the southern transitional council, along with members of the council’s presidency, held several meetings during Ramadan with active participation of the council’s departments. Direct dialogues took place with southern resistance leaders, Imams and Islamic Sheikhs, business men, syndicates and trades unions, and media men and journalists. The meetings were held between 8-17 of Ramadan including public, political and national figures.
• The council launched experimental broadcast on a national southern TV channel and two other channels will be launched latter as soon as related training is finished. This is the first southern TV broadcast since “Aden Life” and “Sawt Al-Janoub” were forced to stop earlier in 2015.
• A humanitarian aids agency, related to the council was established and started its work in Abian, where glorious lines of the southern struggle history were written by martyrs’ blood.
• Southern resistance forces, under commandership of the council, personified glorious epics defending southern soil in Al-Dalia. This proved that the south can never be tamed and the southern men can rewrite the political plan any time and in a record time too.
• The council also started reconstructing the southern army with forming military axes and establishing new brigades all over the south. The joint room of operations was formed to organize all southern units and military and security systems as a basis for controlling military and security forces all over the south.
• The council also initiated several inspection visits over all military and security units all over the south to see for readiness of troops in the face of northern military aggression.
• Providing troops in front lines with necessary military support and reinforcements in addition to political and media support for southern resistance troops.
The council initiated several other political and field activities that are no less than these we mentioned. All these activities assert the existence of the southern transitional council as a political entity that played a significant role in the stream of the southern revolution and established orderly organizational work necessary for restoring the southern state.
Two final points that should be said:
• What the council is doing right now necessitates that all other southern powers should support the council strongly and to overcome any negative aspects or notes on the council’s performance. Approaching the council and establishing southern lineup in the face of external risks is of top priority right now.
• In turn, the council should show more understanding and tolerance with these notes and remarks on its performance in appreciation of patriotic attitudes of these powers under the most critical moment in southern history.

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