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The Southern Cause

Written by: Dr. Khaled Al-Qasemi – Emirati Writer
H e who has the right will gain his right, no matter he is neglected by ministers, official or the legitimacy that filled their pockets and bellies from the trade of war under the notion of liberating Yemen. Their revenues of this war turned them from miserable persons who live on beggary into rich businessmen. For them, the “Union” is their favorite string to pull it all the time although they don’t believe in union nor in regions. They are now dreaming of getting rid of the legitimacy and replacing it by themselves their money. What is the difference between them and Al-Houthis, against whom the Arab Coalition is fighting for exhausting the Iranian agenda in the region? This war proves to all that all Yemenis agreed to exhaust the money of the Arab Coalition in this war. The only party that supported the coalition on the ground was the south because the southern have a cause. Their country and lands were robbed when their good hearts overwhelmed their interest. Now they decided not to replicate the same experience. Believe me, right always prevails. 

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