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The Southern Transitional Council: An Umbrella for All Southern People

Written by:
Dr. Khaled Al-Kasemi – Emirati Writer

I remember, after liberating Aden from Al-Houthi Iranian militias in 2015, we called for establishing a political umbrella for all southern people with all their political and intellectual attitudes to reclaim their southern state. today, we see the southern transitional council, visiting foreign parliaments in European capitals to explain the southern cause to the whole world. The council is welcomed to open it offices in major capitals of the world. The council invited ambassadors and representatives of UN and foreign countries to attend the second meeting of southern national dialogue. Everything is clear now as the council is fighting the war of restoring the southern state on both the political and military paths. The council is restoring the southern dignity as the southern resistance is fighting heroic battels over the mountains, hills and valleys of Al-Dalia, teaching their enemies major lessons of bravery. President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi promises the crowds from Yafia that the southern state is coming and we will never abandon our claims of our state. through Abu Dhabi TV, he asserts the partnership of the southern resistance with the Arab Coalition to maintain the Arab national security as we all have one destiny and one goal represented in eliminating Iranian greed in Yemen. This is how leaders create history.

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