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The Southern Transitional Council… Locomotor of Homeland

Ali Al-Zameki

Southern Writer
The Southern Transitional Council is the entity that carries concerns of our homeland. It is more like a train that contains the southern people in its coaches. Those who think of demolishing can never embrace a cause. Therefore, we should all support the project of the Southern Transitional Council, regardless any shorts or mistakes of some of its leaders. The political entity is capable of correcting its path.
Staying in the shadows is the best choice for any wise southern politician as history proved that brilliant victories are seized by men of shadows. To those who are in hurry to play in unpaved grounds we can say that the Southern Transitional Council is a political framework that embraces the southern cause. Everyone, even men of shadows, protect themselves behind this entity to form the train of survival for all. Those who think to demolish or miss with it can never be wise southern men of shadows. Instead, they are men of Yemeni occupation who are shielded with occupation slogans and flags. Those who love demolishing can never be patriots.

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