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The truth about Brotherhood’s terrorist militia withdrew from Shokra

SMA News / Aden / Exclusive
Reliable sources revealed the size of the Brotherhood’s terrorist militia, which withdrew to Shabwa governorate from the Shokra district of Abyan governorate on Tuesday.

Sources said that the Brotherhood’s militia had not completely withdrawn from Shokra and that most of its forces were still stationed in the area.

The sources explained that the force that entered Shabwa governorate last night came from Shokra, approximately fifty-five different cars, including military crews, civilian trucks, armored vehicles, and large trucks, belong to Ataq axis and part of it belong to Behan axis.

It is the same force that went to Shokra district last week from Shabwa, and its members are from the governorate’s affiliated members of the legitimacy Brotherhood militia.

Many news websites reported the withdrawal of the Yemeni Brotherhood terrorist militia from Shokra, while the majority of the militia are still stationed in Shokra district, and there is no withdrawal.

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