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To Conspirators and Mercenaries of Media… Enough of Your Falsification

Abd Al-Rakeeb Al-Senidy

Southern Writer
Conspiracy against the people and land of the south by Yemeni occupation troops started with their trials to change the southern identity since the signing of the so-called union treaty. They started their plots with support of conspirators from the south. This started the whole series of misfortunate events in the south.
After more than two decades of killing and destruction, it is now clear that rulers of the north with their loyalty to foreign powers tried to dominate the south by force as they controlled all civilian and security associations. They forced southern people out of their lands just to robe their fortunes and denied them their rights to live in dignity.
After years of the southern revolution with all its sacrifices and victories over the northern arrogance, it is now clear that things have changed. It is now clear that the southern people are defending their rightful cause and the evidence is clear in their war against Affash / Al-Houthi militias.
What is left for the occupation is the hollow drums of their mercenaries of media and their ugly voices that try to falsify their ugly reality. But, it is unacceptable any more. What is left for them is trying to jump over the strategic role of the south in fighting terrorism and extremism. What if left for them is trying to falsify the actual situation and deny the truth just steal a victory that is against them.
Today’s south is stronger with the southern transitional council, the southern resistance and security belt troops. Today’s south lives in harmony and became a hard number in any political equation.
History never goes back as you may wish. You failed to falsify the truth just as you failed to make your ugly reality better. You failed in war and your troops only seek money without courage or even honor. You failed, and you will continue your failure. You proved your loyalty to terrorism, extremism and Mafia.
All your trials to falsify the truth turned into a poorly-produced action movie, produced in Istanbul and Ankara just to destroy the south. But the south and its rightful cause is far beyond your reach. What you are doing is the proof for our success.
The heroic deeds of the southern people will be written in history with ink of glory. But what is left to you is shame. Your occupation troops proved to be like fragile dwarfs in the middle of a stormy sea. Their destiny is to flee and hide away in several countries till they fade in shame.
The glorious southern sole will prevail, with or against your will, while your feeble soles will be burnt with agony. It is our destiny to victor and yours to shut up and stop your crap falsifications.

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