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To Mr. Martin Griffith (4): Disengagement is the Easiest and Shortest Ways

Professor bd Al-Nasser Al-Wali

Prominent Southern Politician

Dear Mr. Griffith:

Peace Be upon You.

The southern people in the southern capital, Aden, and the whole south listened to your report to UN Security Council on September 11th, 2018. We thank you for listening to the voices of southern citizens in Aden and the south. We thank you for transferring their suffering and concerns to UN Security Council. We thank you for listening to us singing for peace. We only request to be part of peace that is ours, and ours only, as no one suffered from war like us. Flames of war that imposed to us are still burning and they want it to continue as it achieves their interests and exhaust us till we are obliged to take whatever solution they give us!

Dear Mr. Griffith:

We thank you because you listened to the voice of our people in Aden and the south crying in anger because of sufferings of war and failure of the corrupt government of exile. We thank you because you delivered our message as we wanted to. We depend on you, and you only, because this government is enjoying our suffering and considers it victory. Believe me sir, we are hungry without bread. And even, we have never heard of Marie Antoinette’s biscuits that the government enjoys! This is only to tell you that they are lying to you when they speak about replacing our bread with biscuits.

Dear Mr. Griffith:

Thank you because you insisted on filing our suffering to UN Security Council and proved that you listened to us very carefully, even more than the legitimacy government does. You listened to us while you are British. You listened to us in Geneva and sent our voice across the ocean to New York while this corrupt government didn’t listen to us from Riyadh’s hotels, Cairo’s apartments and Istanbul’s resorts.

Dear Mr. Griffith:

We thank you for listening to us in a week of anger. But we blame your translators for not completing translation. Our anger was not for bread alone as we are very patient with hunger and never cry from it. Our anger was because those who deliberately push us to hunger want to robe our freedom and will. This is not hidden from you. We came out only for freedom. Sufferings of war are in the north like the south. But we came out against it while they didn’t. we came out because freedom is more precious than bread to us.

Dear Mr. Griffith:

Thank you for listening to us in Aden and the south. But I hope you take only one minute to reconsider the situation. A government that doesn’t hear the sufferings of its people and doesn’t care about humiliating and oppressing this people. Even more, they insist that they are the most qualified to rule this people. They inherited power from former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. They inherited it with all its corruption and domination. Even Saleh resigned power when the people came out against him while they are still saying “Who are you? Union or Death”.

Dear Mr. Griffith:

You approached our sufferings closely today. We are under Article (7). Our government is granted legitimacy from UN Security Council’s decisions, as they claim. But publicly, legally and constitutionally, they haver never been, and never will be, legitimate. After all these bitter experiences with an authority established by its decisions, UN Security Council should reconsider these decisions in the light of this failure suffered by the international society, Arab Coalitions and both peoples in the north and south. Or else, is UN Security Council only concerned with war not peace and dignified life?

Dear Mr. Griffith:

With a national unity government in the north and a similar one in the south, in addition your help and support of our brothers in the Arab Coalition, this war will end and peace will prevail. This is the shortest and most effective solution. The only problem is creating more excuses to control the south. Be courageous, and we know you are, and get into the core of he problem. You may be target of severe attack but in the end,  you will succeed with least effort and shortest time. This is our advice to you and as the ancient Arab prover says: “People of Mecca Know it Roads Well”.

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