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Tools of Regional Subordination: Money

Ahmed Al-Yahri

Southern Writer
“Money you have is means to freedom. But money you seek is a means to slavery”
J. J. Russo
Are countries like charities? Do they provide poor countries with money for nothing? Do they finance political organizations and wars abroad for nothing? Only a humble citizen, or a poor politician, believes in “for nothing” grants. They advocate this by saying that this or that country likes us, or something like that.
Political truth indicates that every single penny spent abroad will return to its donor in several ways, including political and economic benefits, sooner or later. Countries do not grant money “for nothing”. Donors have the power to influence the political decision and force projects. Even in politics, money talks. Those who receive money are the weak part of the equation as they can’t force their agendas. Instead, they accept others’ terms. You can be used for a while to serve certain political purposes. After that, you can be dumped as long as you don’t serve the long-term expectations of your donors.
Three types of persons can benefit from that:
• A poor politician: This is the one who thinks in grants as charities for friendship or brotherhood. This type, unknowingly, serves others’ agendas.
• A mercenary politician: This type is a money seeker for personal interests. He doesn’t care about the source or conditions of donors as long as he gets paid. He has no ethics, values or morale. This type, willingly, serves all agendas to sustain his monetary interests.
• A smart politician: This type deals with changes in stages, according the the principle of “No Permanent Friend and No Permanent Enemy”. He benefits from changing conditions and deals with all parties, according to the stage, to serve an organization or body. He doesn’t believe in “Granting for Free”. He deals pragmatically with donors without turning himself into a tool.
When Money Talks, Honesty Keeps Silent!!

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