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Transitional Council Presidency holds its weekly meeting chaired by President Al-Zubaidi

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The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held its weekly meeting on Sunday, chaired by the President of the Southern Transitional Council, President Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi,.
The meeting reviewed results of the third session of the National Assembly, and directed to prepare proposal for a mechanism to activate monitoring the general performance of the state institutions, and combating corruption in the south, based on the partnership stated in the Riyadh Agreement.
The meeting also directed to implement the decisions and recommendations issued in the third session of the National Assembly, stressing on the need for the National Assembly to continue dialogues with southern components to unify the efforts of the various forces to strengthen the southern national unity and the active contribution to implement Riyadh Agreement,
The meeting also discussed the procedures for implementing the Riyadh Agreement, noting that the Transitional Council implemented the terms of accepting the return of the government, providing facilities to start its work, and initiated the military withdrawal in accordance with the Agreement field plan, while the northern brotherhood forces are still in their positions in Abyan and Shabwa with all their equipment and armament.
The meeting stressed on the need for these forces to withdraw to their strongholds in Marib and not to push their terrorist elements to the capital Aden to avoid detonating the situation militarily and security and to avoid thwarting Riyadh Agreement, emphasizing that the ignoring the other party the withdrawal of the northern forces, and its hindering of the appointment of a governor to Aden is unacceptable.
The meeting touched on the terrorist Houthi bombing in a military Camp in Marib, which led to the killing southern soldiers, and the prior withdrawal of Muslim Brotherhood leadership and northern soldiers from the site of the bombing before the explosion.
The meeting called on the people of the south to return to their lands, and to contribute to the process of building and defending their homeland, and miss the opportunity for those who seek to use them in dirty war against their people.

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