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UN secretary General, Griffith… and the Southern Cause

Saleh Nagy

Southern Writer
Undeniably, the southern cause is now in focus for the international society. It is very hard for them to marginalize it especially as the southern resistance is controlling the ground.
The southern transitional council is another difficult number in the equation that no one can overcome it especially as the council is assuming responsibility of the south after the delegation of President Al-Zubaidi by public powers.
In his latest tweet, Martin Griffith, UN special envoy to Yemen indicated that reality in Yemen is very close to the two-state situation as the legitimacy government has no real effect in the south and its effect in the north is very rare. He added that Yemeni crisis can not be solved unless negotiations include the southern transitional council in the south and real powers affecting the north under supervision of the Arab Coalition.
In a special interview with Al-Jazeera, UN Secretary General confirmed Griffith’s words as he said that UN is going to launch talks between the legitimacy and Al-Houthis as two parties of war in Yemen and the third party, the southern transitional council, will maintain the chair of observant.
When he was asked why the southern transitional council is not included as an active party he said that the two-party negotiations will identify the party that has major consensus to negotiate with the southern transitional council. That is what he said.
This clearly indicates that the southern transitional council is a reality on the ground that can never be excluded. As for those who are targeting to minimize the role of the southern transitional council I say let them die of envy, even if they claim they are some of us!

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