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United Arab Emirates … Supporter of the Southern People and Southern Cause

Written by: Ahmed Said Karama – Southern Writer
UAE exhausted all conspiracies and plans of holders of narrow political agendas in the north and south. UAE supported major national projects with all available resources. Most of the Yemeni people who are in pursuit of a chance for social justice and dignified life in security, peace and stability, look at UAE as a strong support for all those dreams.
The successful are always enemies of failure, corruption, self-interest, regionalism and narrow political agendas. Only losers use rumors and lies as a mean method for decreasing the Emirati role in Yemen.
UAE represents a great value for most of the southern people and Yemeni people as well. These emotions will always remain as a stable symbol of solidarity. When every one abandoned Aden and the South and run away leaving their country armless without food or medication to face a barbaric invasion that didn’t distinguish between children and adults, only UAE supported us.
The invasion targeted the whole southern lands in a vicious northern project as usual. They repeated the crime of 1994 but in 2015 it was even worse. The legitimate president, Hady, and his government escaped from Aden to Amman then to Riyadh. Ahmed Al-Muiasri, commander of the resistance then and now the minister of internal affairs, ran to Djibouti. Every one ran away but only faithful and loyal men, women and children stayed preferring death, siege and bombard to surrender to Al-Houthi and Affash militias.
While the whole world was watching us suffering hunger, illness and homelessness, only UAE styed with us unconditionally and bore the boredom of our protection and liberation although wars may lead to unexpected consequences. We will never forget UAE Red Crescent ships carrying food and medicine to our sieged people. UAE aid ships risked entering Al-Zait seaport in Al-Berika that was under control of Al-Houthis and Affash militias who aimed their missiles to sink these ships. We might understand the reason if UAE withdrew because of direct targeting for its ships. But UAE didn’t run away like our legitimate government! We will never forget martyrs of UAE who fell to defend Aden.
Away from political calculations, the southern people will remain indebted to UAE. Just look at what Al-Houthis did in Sanaa, Zemar, Hajja and Taiz and you will know how big was the disaster that we were approaching. What is being done of destroying homes and mosques in addition to detaining women in the territories under control of Al-Houthis represent what we were going to suffer. But thanks to God and UAE heroes, we didn’t.
Call it what you want but for us, UAE is our support and dignity.

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