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Urgent Notification for UN Secretary General and International Human Rights Organizations from NGOs of Aden

SMA News – Aden – Exclusive
NGOs in Aden sent an urgent notification for UN secretary General, Secretary General of Islamic Conference and all international human rights organizations concerning the religious Fatwa of the so-called Association of Yemeni Imams loyal to Muslim Brotherhood that called for fighting the southern people. The following is a translation of the notification:
Urgent Notification
Mr. UN Secretary General
Mr. Secretary General of Islamic Conference
All international human rights and anti-terrorism organizations
We are the civil society and NGOs working in south Yemen. We would like to to notify your grace with our deep concern and denunciation of the statement issued by the so-called Association Yemeni Imams carrying a terrorist Fatwa that describes southern citizens as disbelievers and allows killing them. in addition, we would like to notify you with the following:
• This Fatwa of the so-called Association Yemeni Imams carries an extremist discourse that obliges Muslims to kill southern citizens. This is an extension of another Fatwa of the same association issued before 1994 war under similar conditions of the same political regimen (Al-Eslah party – the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen). Therefore, we express our deep concerns that the same scenario of 1994 war and all that followed of killing innocent southern citizens and robbing public and private properties in addition to considering the south as war booty that raised an angry wave of international denunciation could be repeated.
• We notify you and the international society with all evidences proving the involvement of Al-Eslah party with terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS as this Fatwa is an order for these terrorist groups loyal to the party under organizational structure as Al-Eslah controls political decisions of the Yemeni legitimacy. This allows terrorist to be part of the military national forces as you know well.
• As supreme international bodies that seek peace, stability and coexistence, we demand you to take al necessary measures to save the southern people from the most intensive genocide in our age.
• Through you, we address all international bodies concerned with pursuing war criminals and genocide executers to enlist Al-Eslah Yemeni Party – the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen as war criminals and callers for mass killing and genocide based on their recent Fatwa issued by an association belonging to that party.
• The civilized world suffered, and is still suffering from extreme religious discourse that is adapted to serve certain political agendas of some powers that have no relation to religions. We are in an urgent need to exercise pressure on our governments to stop these political parties with religious ideologies.
• We put our expectations and the expectations of our society that seeks peace and coexistence on your shoulders. We are confident that you prioritize this matter before the catastrophe happens as then all rejections and denunciations will do nothing and our people will lose hope and confidence in international organizations.
Issued by:

  1. National Organization for Transparency and Monetary and Administrative Reform
  2. Al-Ertiqaa Developmental Organization
  3. Forum of Hadhramaut Youth in Aden
  4. Tomouh Developmental Organization
  5. Edrak Developmental Organization
  6. Al-Fanar Developmental Organization
  7. Alliance of Arab Youth – Branch of Yemen
  8. Broad Cons Developmental Organization
  9. Al-Ber Wa Al-Ehsan Developmental Organization
  10. SAMA Organization for Development and Guidance
  11. Aden Youth Organization
  12. Al-Ezdihar Organization for Development and Rehabilitation
  13. Aden Youth Organization for Reform and Construction – Aden
  14. Al-Mustakbal Organization for Rehabilitation, Awareness Rising and Ability Building
  15. Democratic Youth Organization
  16. Al-Rased Human Rights Organization
  17. Southern Consultative Center for Rights and Freedoms
  18. Al-Horria Organization for Human Rights and Development
  19. Aden Gulf Organization for Human Resources and Social Services
  20. Aden Center for Observation, Training and Studies
  21. Sah Organization for Human Rights
  22. Coordinative Commission of Aden Free Youth Against Corruption
  23. Southern National Initiative for Mediation
  24. E’amar Southern Initiative
  25. Initiative for Preserving Southern Cultural and Artistic Heritage
  26. Aden Center for Heritage
  27. Campaign of Aden Sons for Eliminating Alien Negative Phenomena
  28. Human Power Developmental Organization
  29. Al-Shuaib organization for Human Development
  30. Madar Center for Studies and Research
  31. Al-Manara Center for Development and Human Rights
  32. Aden Project Media
  33. Ahrar Organization for Human Rights and Development
  34. Najdah Organization for Development and Human Aids
  35. Al-Tawahi Directorate Forum for Development and Humanitarian Aids
  36. Trahum Humanitarian Organization
  37. Al-Mustakbal Al-Amen Organization for Development and Peace Making
  38. Ahrar Organization for Human Rights
  39. Aden Foundation for Environment and Development (AFED).

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