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We Are One!

Written by: Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Wali

Chairperson of local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden
Peace be upon you
On march 25th, 2015, as part of the responsibility of feeling the risk and assuming the sole of solidarity among humans as God said: “And if two groups of the faithful get into fight, make peace between them, and if one of them conquered the other, fight the conqueror till he listens to God’s orders. And he does, make peace as God love those who make peace”, countries of the Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and UAE, packed by the Arab League, Islamic countries and UN, rose to help Aden and the south in an inclusive campaign and a national Arab project against the Iranian expansion that threatened the Arab nation.
Since that day, the southern people are fighting their historic epic defending their lands and dignity and relying on their right, patience and will. They are fighting under their flag against invaders under the notion “Either Dignity or Death”. They lined up together and we achieved victory.
Martyrs fell among our brothers. Their bloods mixed with ours and their wounds are still suffered by us. But pain is a small price for dignity. They supported us when some betrayed us and defended us against conspiracies of others.
Dear brothers: We know that you suffered for us when tyranny and ingratitude invaded us. You did a lot and achieved a lot. We know that war prolonged because some don’t want it to end. We know well how could it be if you didn’t interfere. We see it in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Somalia.
Dear brothers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Sudan, Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco, we are very grateful to you. we are tolerant but we never forget great deeds.
Jacinda Ardern, the Icon of Peace:
Prophet Mohamed said: “The faithful, in their friendliness, solidarity and compassion, are like one body, when one part feels sick, all parts suffer fever and sleeplessness”. This glorious lady, Jacinda Ardern, showed the actual meaning of these words in her noble appearance at the funeral of martyrs in New Zealand. Dear icon of peace, you message touched our hearts and minds and we send you peace from Aden.
Dear brothers in Taiz, the cultural capital of Arab Republic of Yemen: Taiz is the icon of literature, arts, love and tranquility. You are suffering and we feel pain for you. we share your pain with you and wish you peace.

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