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What Happens in Yemen and the South?

Written by: Ambassador Dr. Adel Bukili – Southern Writer
A US newspaper exposed the formation of the Southern Transitional Council after international consultations that reached agreement and it was declared in May 2017 to replace the body of May 1990.
The Monitor. A US newspaper, uncovered the active role of Russia behind this formation, in addition to efforts of Vito countries + Germany and several regional states. UAE was responsible for supervising and supporting the formation and guarantee its success along with Riyadh, under supervision of the quadrat commission (Washington, London, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi). Anwar Gergash was right when said in one of his tweets that Yemen after 2015 war will have new geo-politics that are different from before.
Therefore, I call for all those who are interested in Yemen to read the article in the Monitor and deeply consider these international chess moves in Yemen to reshape its future. They should come together away from illusive hatred among them. they should know that we are not sailing the international, or even the domestic boat. Requirements of international security forced major powers to have joint interests and we should benefit from that.
At the end, we should regain our consciousness and live without hatred or killing for our own interest. Therefore, read The Monitor’s article and consider it deeply.

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