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With Community Participation, UNEP Project Team Organizes an Awareness Rising Campaign for Preserving Bio-Diversity in Socotra

SMA News – Socotra – Exclusive
UNEP Project Team (Integrated Support Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Socotra Archipelago) organized an awareness rising campaign against intruding species, especially artichoke and Sesbania in Kam village with community participation of students and teachers of Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Secondary School, local community and feminist sector. The campaign came according to field surveys held by the project team recently. Seventy-five students of different schools in addition to twenty-five female students of faculty of education held field visits with purpose of increasing eco-awareness against intruding species and the damage they cause to bio-diversity and the unique eco-system of the archipelago.
The campaign destroyed 256 of Sesbania trees and 120 of artichoke bushes. The campaign in Kam was under direct supervision of international eco-systems experts including Mr. Ofa Zaionz, who attended the campaign himself.
This is the first campaign in the archipelago to target the Sesbania tree that was first introduced from Hadhramaut in 1995 by a citizen. Mr. Ahmed Said Soliman Semdad, a national expert of intruding species, indicated that the intruding species component in the program works on clear Socotra of these species and prepare a strategy to protect the archipelago eco-system from intruding plants, animals, pests and marine life creatures.
Eng. Ali Yahia Ali Ben Mahrous, awareness and communication officer of the project, indicated that such campaign, especially for students, is a major goal of the project to preserve the unique bio-diversity. Mahrous appreciated the efforts of participants in this campaign.
According to reports and studies initiated by international ecological organizations, intruding species represent a major risk endangering human life, eco-systems and bio-diversity in the archipelago.
Haifa Said Ali, empowerment and women integration officer, indicated that women’s participation was very positive as women of Socotra play a major role in preserving the archipelago. It is noteworthy that women of Socotra are aware of the importance of eco-preservation and the threats endangering the surrounding eco-system, especially intruding species.
Several entertainment activities were held at the end of the campaign including competitions and poems about the natural beauty of Socotra.

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